Vicariate of the Silver Hand
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Coat of Arms




Alonsus II


Lilith Sahl Olethos


Cathedral of Light

Patron Saint

Uther the Lightbringer

The Vicariate of the Silver Hand is a non-geographic province of the spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light.  It functions from the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind.  The Vicariate is headed by a Bishop who is given the title "Vicar".  It is tasked with the spiritual care of all within the Silver Hand, especially those in secluded regions. The current Vicar is Lilith Sahl Olethos.

Jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

The Vicariate of the Silver Hand has no geographic juristiction and extends whereever the Silver Hand is present.  In addition, the Vicariate has spiritual authority over military instillations of the Grand Alliance.

Vicar of the Silver Hand
Preceded by
Luther Alburton
Vicariate of the Silver Hand Succeeded by
Lilith Sahl Olethos
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