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Highlord Taelan Fordring
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Lord of Mardenholde Keep
Highlord of the Scarlet Crusade


Highlord of The Scarlet Crusade
Lord of Mardenholde Keep


Kingdom of Lordaeron
Order of the Silver Hand
Scarlet Crusade


Karandra Fordring (Mother)
Tirion Fordring (Father)



Highlord Taelan Fordring was the son of the elder Tirion Fordring. Taelan was a former Knight of the Silver Hand and lord of Mardenholde Keep. After the creation of the Scarlet Crusade he became Highlord and ruled over Hearthglen, under the command of the Grand Crusader.


Taelan Fordring simply wanted to serve the Knights of the Silver Hand, learning about how to serve the less fortunate with his pure soul and his sword. Isillien taught him about the Holy Light and what it was to serve. When he saw the Scourge destroy his home, he could only watch, powerless, as each friend he saw struck down rose again in undeath. Blind with grief and seeking guidance, he fell under his old tutor’s sway again and readily joined the new Crusade, eagerly offering his home to be their western base. He is honestly blind to the evil the Scarlet Crusade spreads and looks up to his leaders with respect and admiration. He regrets the innocent lives lost, but he’s had enough years of war to know that some innocents always die. And that’s what he considers this: war.

Aside from protecting the principality of Hearthglen, he was also tasked with a project to secure and rebuild parts of the Plaguelands, for example the small village of Cinderhome, in an attempt to resettle the territories of former Lordaeron that were razed during the Third War and thus expand the Crusade's influence. With the help of his father, he eventually recognized the corruption that had befallen the Scarlet Crusade and defected, but was killed by Grand Inquisitor Isillien for this betrayal while fleeing Hearthglen. However, Tirion, overcome with loss and outrage, avenged the death of his son by killing Isillien, and resolved to reform the Silver Hand as a force of good in the world once again.

Lord of Mardenholde Keep
Preceded by
Taelan Fordring Succeeded by
Tirion Fordring