Moon Guard Council of Bishops Wiki

The Church-Sponsored Relief Fund for the Union of Gnomeregan was created the evening of April 26th, 624 K.C. by the Council of Bishops. The aims of the fund are to assist the Union in all rebuilding and reclamation efforts of the lost Gnomish lands. The Fund was initially proposed by the Lord-Chancellor of the Church of the Holy Light, Allrick Antonius, and was quite widely supported by other Bishops, namely by Bishop Moorwhelp of the See of Stormwind.

To date those who have contributed to the Relief fund are:

  • The Diocese of Stromgarde (Donation of 10,000 gold pieces)
  • The Diocese of Stormwind (Donation of Grain and many other essential supplies)

Anyone who wishes to donate funds or supplies to the Fund should contact Bishop Allrick Antonius.