New Avalon
New Avalon.jpg


Mayor Quimby
Council of New Avalon


South Eastern Eastern Plaguelands


Scarlet Crusade (Formerly)



New Avalon was a large town in the Scarlet Enclave located just east of Tyr's Hand in the Eastern Plaguelands. The town encompasses Scarlet Hold, the New Avalon Orchard, the Scarlet Tavern, the Chapel of the Crimson Flame, the New Avalon Town Hall, and the New Avalon Forge. The Scarlet Overlook and King's Harbor are located to the southeast, and Havenshire is to the north.

The town itself is currently destroyed, with the Servents of the Lich King who would later go on to form the Order of the Ebon Blade having assaulted and annihilated the inhabitants of the town.

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