Melchiz Tzedeck







Known Family

Jedral Vardegris (cousin)
Delillah Vardegris (cousin)
Reamus Tzedeck (cousin)


Lawful Good


Priest of the Holy Light

Current Titles

Bishop of Gilneas
Champion of Neheri


Apothecary's Apprentice


Church of the Holy Light
Council of Bishops
The College of Canons


Holy Light

Melchiz Tzedeck is a gilnean worgen who is a serving Bishop of the Church of the Holy Light in Stormwind City. He serves on the Council of Bishops, and has been designated the Bishop of the See of Gilneas, and has been trained by Bishop Neheri himself in the ways of the Clerics of Northshire as a Battle Cleric.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Melchiz Tzedeck was born to Joseph and Mary Tzedeck, on in a small herb farm in Northern Gilneas near Keel Harbor. His father Joseph wasa known alchemist and his mother was an herbalist. They made their living harvesting their own crops and and the family owned Apothecary Shop in Gilneas City. At the age of 5 however, when rumors came about King Greymane's decision to cut of Gilneas from the rest of the world, his family moved and turned to the South. They found a house in Southeastern Elwynn and his father reopened thei Apothecary shop in Stormwind City. Although his family often attended Liturgies in the Cathedral, Melchiz was not first interested in the priesthood but sought to follow in his father's footsteps and at age 19 became an Apothecary's Apprentice. 

In addition to his immediate family, they were accompanied by his Mother's brother Hayworth Verdegris, his wife Helen,and their two children Jedral and Delillah. Having not many childhood friends, Melchiz remained quite close to his two cousins. Being the same age as Delillah, he was particularlly close to her. As the children grew up, it seemed Jedral especially was intrgigued by the arcane arts and was sent to Dalaran to study, two years later Delillah followed. ((TBC))

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