His/Her Excellency, the Lord Chancellor of the Church presides over the government of the Church of the Holy Light and the Holy See of the Archbishop, Northshire Abbey. The position may not simultaneously be held either by the Lord Vicar of the Church or the Lord Chamberlain of the Church.

The Lord Chancellor is regarded as being in charge of the political and diplomatic activities of the Church and is thus referred to as being the Church's de facto "Prime Minister." Alongside the Lord Vicar and the Lord Chamberlain, the Lord Chancellor serves as one of the three highest ranking and most integral servants of the Archbishop.

The current Lord Chancellor is Bishop Allrick Antonius.

Chancery Line[edit | edit source]

Erich Gottfried Manstein Duke Eastvale[edit | edit source]

June 13, 623 K.C. - August 13, 623 K.C.

Father Kashes Lightborn[edit | edit source]

August 13, 623 K.C. - October 27, 623 KC

Bishop Eustasius Greenleaf[edit | edit source]

October 27, 623 K.C. - 1 January, 624 K.C.

Bishop Allrick Antonius[edit | edit source]

12 January, 624 K.C. - Present

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