His/Her Beneficence, the Lord Chamberlain of the Church, is the chief advocate and advisory post to the Archbishop on all matters. The position may not simultaneously be held either by the Lord Vicar of the Church or the Lord Chancellor of the Church.

The Lord Chamberlain is responsible for the household of the Archbishop, and for attending to matters such as the provision of vestments, books, texts, servants, guards, or other such necessities as the Archbishop may request of him.

The position may only be held by a bishop, and, because of the duties of the post, is generally held by the Bishop who serves as Ordinary for the Diocese in which the Government of the Holy See is located. The Lord Chamberlain is generally instructed to always present the opposition view to the Archbishop in weekly, private audiences. In addition, the Lord Chamberlain is responsible for selecting the most important matters of the day for discussion with the Archbishop during the weekly audience.

In the absence of the Archbishop, or at his direction, the Lord Chamberlain is responsible for advising the Lord Chancellor and the Lord Vicar to help them determine in whose jurisdiction complex matters rest.

Upon the occurance of an interregnum, the Lord Chamberlain is responsible for swiftly reporting the interregnum to the Council of Bishops, destroying the Archbishop's seal, and calling a conclave to elect a new Archbishop with all due haste. Upon the election of a new Archbishop, the Lord Chamberlain's final act is to present the new Archbishop to the people and proclaim him duly elected. At that point, the office of Lord Chamberlain is deemed vacant, and the Archbishop must appoint a new Lord Chamberlain, or re-appoint the former Lord Chamberlain.

Whilst absent, the Archbishop may instruct the Lord Chamberlain to serve the one chosen to be the Archbishop's designated representative (typically the Lord Vicar or the Lord Chancellor), or to serve as that representative and thus be served by the Lord Vicar and the Lord Chancellor. Alongside the Lord Vicar and the Lord Chancellor, the Lord Chamberlain serves as one of the three highest ranking and most integral servants of the Archbishop.

The current Lord Chamberlain is Bishop Niklos Adamant.

Line of Chamberlains of the Church[edit | edit source]


Bishop Niklos Adamant

25 February, 624 K.C. - Present


Bishop Johannes Moorwhelp

12 January, 624 K.C. - 25 February, 624 K.C.

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