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Western Plaguelands


Kingdom of Lordaeron(Formerly)
Scarlet Crusade (Formerly)
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Hearthglen is a town in the north of the former Kingdom of Lordaeron, in the region now known as the Western Plaguelands, and is located to the north of Andorhal. It currently acts as the stand in capitol for Argent Lordaeron until the city of Stratholme is fully restored. Once a principality, it was ruled by the Prince of Hearthglen, but at a certain point in time after the annexation of the lands, it was ruled by the Lord of Mardenholde Keep. Prior to the Third War, the town was ruled by Tirion Fordring, who was exiled for saving an orc sometime prior to the events of the war. For a time, the paladin Barthilas ruled the town, until his demise during an orcish raid on the city of Stratholme. It was later ruled by the son of the exiled paladin, Taelan Fordring, who would later join the Scarlet Crusade.

Arthas, Jaina and Uther in Hearthglen.

It was later targeted by the Scourge during the Third War, when a plagued grain shipment from Andorhal arrived. The city was about to be attacked by the undead, and the soldiers in the town had already eaten the bread. Luckily for the inhabitants of the town, Prince Arthas Menethil had been tracking the plague shipments, and arrived with a force large enough to stop the spread of the plague and hold the town long enough for reinforcements to arrive. In an ironic twist, the future Lich King was the one who helped save the town, leading it to become a stronghold for former citizens of Lordaeron under the Scarlet Crusade, and later the Argent Crusade.

Hearthglen under the Scarlet Crusade.

Under Taelen Fordring, the town was used as a rallying point for the remnants of the Silver Hand, and was later used by the Scarlet Crusade as a base of operations until after Taelen's death and the return of the elder Fordring who reclaimed it along with the Argent Crusade. In the period between Taelen's death and Tirion's return, the town was ruled by High Commander Galvar Pureblood, who was presumably slain in the razing of the Scarlet Enclave.

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