Lord Elberich Haltring





Date of Birth

552 K.C. (72 yrs.)


Archmage of the Kirin Tor
Alliance Ambassador
Barrister of His Majesty's Realm


Kingdom of Stormwind
House of Haltring
Magus Senate of Dalaran
Stormwind House of Magistrates
Church of the Holy Light
Kirin Tor

Previous Titles

Vice-Chancellor of the Magus Senate
Warden of the Violet Hold
Speaker of the Magus Senate
Member of the Inner Council

Immediate Relatives

Robert Haltring (Father)
Cadellia Haltring (Mother)
Baradin Haltring (Brother)
Grace Crawford (Sister)



Archmage Elberich Haltring was a prominent member of the Kirin Tor, serving for many years within it's ranks. He has served in many positions through out his time as a member of the Kirin Tor from a warden of the Violet Hold to a professor of legal studies. Elberich served as Vice-Chancellor of the Magus Senate from it's creation until March 623 K.C, when he stepped down due to a personal situation and took leave shortly after. When Elberich returned there was trouble brewing in the Magus Senate, as a senior member of the Senate he called the Inner Council into Conclave to discuss what to do. When the Inner Council finally ended Conclave Elberich assumed the role of Speaker of the Senate in order to oversee a smooth transition of power. Eventually an illness fell over Elberich and he thought it to be proper to resign from his position in the Magus Senate and retire in peace.

Description[edit | edit source]

Elberich is a rather tall man, yet not very muscular anymore due to his old age, Elberich still has some unexpected strength left within him, but due to the enormous strain it takes for him to use it, he rarely forces himself into combat situations anymore and prefers his legal texts and studies.

The man's features are as expected of an elderly gentleman. His face is wrinkled and his skin is loose to what was once considered a slim and attractive face. His eyebrows are rather long and unkempt, but miraculously enough his facial hair is neatly trimmed and neat, which is unusual for a wizard, especially one of Elberich's age.

Atop of Elberich's head, he bestows a thin mat of shiny gray hair. Those who look close at his hair would be able to see his scalp as hair continues to lessen on his head, as time goes on and he ages.

Birth and Childhood[edit | edit source]

Elberich Haltring was born to Lord Robert Haltring and Lady Cadellia Haltring within the families estate in the Kingdom of Stormwind. Elberich had two other siblings, Grace Haltring, who was the youngest, and an older brother named Baradin Haltring. he was the middle child of the siblings and developed an affinity for magic at a young age, which did not go unnoticed by his parents. At a the young age of twelve, Elberich was shipped off to Dalaran to study in the arcane ways under the guidance of the Kirin Tor.

Vice-Chancellor of the Magus Senate of Dalaran
Preceded by
Office Created
Elberich Haltring Succeeded by
Damon Halliwell

Elberich and one of his High Elf allies.

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