Diocese of Stromgarde
Dicocese of Stromgarde.png




Alonsus II


Koah Johnson


Sanctum of Stromgarde

Patron Saint

Ignaeus Trollbane

The Diocese of Stromgarde is devoted to the spiritual care of the faithful members of the Church of the Holy Light in the Kingdom of Stromgarde. If functions from the Sanctum of Stromgarde within Stromgarde City and is headed by Bishop Koah Johnson.

Jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

The Diocese of Stromgarde borders the other sections of the Diocese of Gilneas at its most western point.  The western border begins at the coastline and extends northward following Thoradin's Wall until it reaches the mountain range at the hinterlands. From there it moves eastward, following the mountains, and borders the Diocese of Ironforge before it reaches the coastline.  Its southern border extends to the coastline.

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