Diocese of Stormwind
Coat of Arms


Stormwind City


Alonsus II


Johannes Moorwhelp

Auxiliary Bishop

Maeriann Cromwell

Bishops in Residence

Lilith Sahl Olethos
Allrick Antonius


Cathedral of Light

Patron Saint

Alonsus Faol

The Diocese of Stormwind is the southern part of the historical church province known by the name Bishopric of Azeroth. It acts today as a geographic province of the spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light.  It is centered around the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind and extends to the surrounding areas.  The Diocese of headed by its Bishop, Johannes. The Bishop is the Ordinary of the College of Canons and the Lord-Spiritual of the Kingdom of Stormwind. The Bishop also retains ordinary authority over the Silver Hand Chapter.

The Diocese is informally referred to as the Holy See and is considered often to be primus inter pares, though no official canon exists to support this tradition.

Jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

The Diocese of Stormwind borders the Diocese of Ironforge at its northernmost point.  The diocese's northern border begins along the mountain range which borders Stormwind City at its north.  It then moves due north until it reaches the mountain range which boasts the Blackrock Mountain.  It then follows that mountain range eastward until it reaches the coatline.  The diocese includes all territories south of this line. 

The Diocese of Stormwind is comprised of several ecclesiastical provinces which make up the wider body.

Deanery of Stormwind City

Abbatial Province of Elwynn Forest

Chapelry of Duskwood and the Pass

Chapelry of Redridge

Chapelry of Westfall

Chapelry of All Stranglethorn

Chapelry of Surwich and the Maldraz Forest

Chapelry of Westridge

Notable Bishops[edit | edit source]

Kaston Electus

Columban V

Alonsus Faol

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