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Diocese of Northrend
Diocese of Northrend.png
Coat of Arms


Fort Wildervar, Westguard Keep in Howling Fjord


Alonsus II


Nelany Ellerian

Auxiliary Bishop


Bishops in Residence


Dean of Northrend

Aedan Adalius Drakewing


Being built

Patron Saint

Saint Bridenbrad

The Diocese of Northrend is a geographic province of the spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light.  It is centered around Fort Wildervar and Westguard Keep in the absense of a viable cathedral seat. Once fully constructed however Fort Wildervar is to serve as the Bishop Seat of Northrend until such a time, Westguard Keep serves as the primary residence for the Bishop of Northrend.


The diocese empasses Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, Sholazar Basin, the Grizzly Hills, Dragonblight, Icecrown, Storm Peaks, Crystalsong, Wintergrasp, and Zul'Drak. It does not border any other Diocese due to it's far northern continental location. Formerly the Diocese was divided into two section the Diocese of Northrend and the Diocese of Icecrown, with the election of Caspius to Archbishop, they were merged into one large diocese.

The Coat of Arms[]

The Shields type, Chevron, signifies protection and faithful service. The colors picked, Gold, Silver/ White, and Blue, signify generosity, sincerity, peace, strength and loyalty. The Hand stands for sincerity, peace, and justice. The Garb signifies plentifulness and the achievement of hope. The Crescent at the bottom of the coat of arms stands for the hope of glory, and ones who have been enlightened.