Diocese of Ironforge
Diocese of Ironforge.png
Coat of Arms


Ironforge, Dun Morogh


Alonsus II


Benegrim Ironbrow


Hall of Mysteries

Patron Saint

Modimus Anvilmar

Suffragan Diocese

Suffragan Diocese of Gnomeregan

The Diocese of Ironforge is a geographic province of the spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light.  It is centered around the Hall of Mysteries in Ironforge and extends to the surrounding areas.  The Diocese of headed by a bishop.  The current bishop of Ironforge is Benegrim Ironbrow.

Jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

The Diocese of Ironforge borders the Diocese of Stormwind at its southernmost point.  The diocese's southern border begins along the mountain range which borders Stormwind City at its north.  It then moves due north until it reaches the mountain range which boasts the Blackrock Mountain.  It then follows that mountain range eastward until it reaches the coatline.  

The diocese borders the Diocese of Gilneas and the Diocese of Lordaeron at its northernmost point.  The diocese's northern border begins on the southern coast of arathi and moves northward, following the mountain range, to wrap inward into the Hinterlands.   From here, following the mountains, it proceeds first west, then eastward back into the sea.  The border extends up to and including Aeire Peak.

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