Diocese of Gilneas
Diocese of Gilneas.png
Coat of Arms


Gilneas City, Gilneas


Alonsus II


Melchiz Tzedeck


Light's Dawn Cathedral

Patron Saint

Aderic the Patriarch

 The Diocese of Gilneas is a geographic province of the spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light.  It is centered around Light's Dawn Cathedral in Gilneas City, Gilneas and extends to the surrounding areas.  The Diocese is headed by its Bishop, Melchiz Tzedeck. The diocese absorbed the various dioceses that once made up the Kingdom of Gilneas following the Gilnean Declaration of Free Ecclesiastical Investiture's over turning, prior to which the Kingdom had multiple diocese broken up by their regions.

Former Dioceses Absorbed[edit | edit source]

All diocese listed below were absorbed into the Diocese of Gilneas following its reintroduction into the Church of the Holy Light after the schism brought on by the Greymane Wall and the merging of all of Gilneas' diocese into one large body.

  • Diocese of the Headlands - Seen over by Father Belroelen Jackson. (Alive)
  • Diocese of Gilneas City - Personal diocese of Gilnean Archbishop Seryl I. (Deceased, killed by the Worgen during the Invasion of Gilneas City.)
  • Diocese of Northgate - Seen over by Father Gavin Crestfield. (Deceased, killed during the Battle for Gilneas City.)
  • Diocese of the Northern Headlands - Seen over by Father William Oakheart. (Deceased, killed by the Forsaken.)
  • Diocese of the Dusk - Seen over by Father Barthalus Clement (Unknown, was not accounted for following Duskhaven's destruction.) (Technically destroyed before re-absorption)
  • Diocese of the Wald - Seen over by Father Conrad Armstead (Deceased, became a feral worgen and was put down.)
  • Diocese of the Tempest - Seen over by Father Johnathon Marcson (Deceased, was killed by Godfrey's troops for attempting to free the King.)
  • Diocese of the Ember - Seen over by Father Heinrich Tylascus (Deceased, was reanimated but later put to rest.)

Jurisdiction[edit | edit source]

The Diocese of Gilneas borders the Diocese of Lordaeron at its northernmost point.  The border runs from the coastline of the Great Sea due East along the river flowing from Lordamere Lake.  It then continues along the southern coast of Lordamere lake until it reaches the mountain range bordering the Kingdom of Alterac.  It then moves eastward following the southern edge of the mountain range (including the territory once occupied by Dalaran).  It follows this mountain range into Arathor and wraps around the highlands (excluding Stromgarde), following the mountain range, until it reaches the coastline.  Its southern border is entirely coastal.

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