Diocese of Dalaran


Dalaran, Dalaran Crater (rumored)


Alonsus II


Sabrina Dawnstrider

Auxiliary Bishop

Vacant (uncreated)

Bishops in Residence


Priors in Residence




Patron Saint


The Diocese of Dalaran is a geographic province of spiritual authority of the Church of the Holy Light announced by Alonsus Secundus.

History[edit | edit source]

The formation of the Diocese of Dalaran has a rocky past. Relations between the Magus Senate and the Church were originally copacetic. The Church of Light played a major role in the Purge of Dalaran, and the Magus Senate often helped the clergy, too.

File:Bishop of Dalaran Ceremony.jpg

Bishop Ceremony of Sabrina Dawnstrider.

All of that changed soon after the Congregation of the Silver Hand went at the bidding of the leadership of the church and ravaged the Forsaken Empire, and in response, the Undercity Nexus took Ambermill by force. Afterwards, the minority of anti-religion Senators were given a wind under their cloak that they were quick to capitalize on, and effectively all that the work that the two organizations had done to bridge their ideological differences to form an alliance was for naught.

The Diocese's formation was originally the idea of Caspius who wished to install Elyona, former chaplain to Hellissa, to the post of bishop. However, after an address to the Magus Senate of Dalaran that went awry, the idea of a diocese in Dalaran ultimately was abandoned, with rumored causes varying from threats from the Magus Senate to outlaw Dalaran worship to a serious danger to whoever was chosen as the Bishop of Dalaran. The Magus Senate's anti-religion caucus made an easy target of Caspius, playing off of the occupation of Ambermill and the general attitude of isolationist patriotism in the legislative bodies at the time.

Though official pursuit of the Diocese of Dalaran ceased soon after Elyona's address to the Magus Senate, Johannes Moorwhelp was approached briefly by a group of Senators that desired that Dalaran should have a church presence separate from the powers of the Archbishop, effectively an outpost of the Diocese of Stormwind. Relations between the Archbishop and Moorwhelp were very strained at the time, and Moorwhelp never brought up this offer to the leadership of the church for fear that it would further jeopardize Caspius's archiepiscopate.

But when Johannes became Archbishop, the Magus Senate were the first to help him to Dalaran following a security threat. Alonsus Secundus took that as an indicator that the Magus Senate was willing to work with the Church under him.

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