The Dicastery of Law
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Alonsus II


Lord Chancellor of the Church


Congregation of the Inquisition
Congregation of the Chancery
Congregation of the Treasury

The Dicastery of Law is one of the three Dicastery's of the Church of the Holy Light. The Dicastery is charged with the task of leading His Holiness' Government, the enforcement of Canon Law and the laws of the Church, and the management of the coffers of the Church. The Dicastery of Law is made up of three Congregations in order to carry out its purpose, they include the Congregation of the Chancery, the Congregation of the Inquisition, and the Congregation of the Treasury. The leader of the Dicastery of Law is the Lord Chancellor of the Church of the Holy Light, and the current office holder is Bishop Allrick Antonius.

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