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The Church of the Holy Light

Head of State

Archbishop Alonsus Secundus

Head of Government

Lord Chancellor of the Church
Allrick Antonius

Legislative Body

Council of Bishops

Grand Master of the Silver Hand



The Archbishopric Residence of Northshire Abbey and the Episcopal Residences of the Heads of the Dioceses.

Current Status

Stable and Flourishing

The Church of the Holy Light is an expansive religious organization that claims stewardship over traditional Azerothian methods of Light worship. Found in all corners of the world of Azeroth, its parishioners come from a wide range of races, classes, and backgrounds, all of which are bound together by their mutual faith and love of the Holy Light.

Known specifically for its evangelistic approach in spreading Light worship, the Church sends its missionaries and believers all over Azeroth to spread the wisdom and comfort of the Holy Light wherever they may go. Keeping in line with the tenants of the Light's virtues, the Church also lends its aide to the people in practical matters, leading many charitable organizations and lending its healing powers to those who would do good.

Incorporating a large and complex hierachy of clergymen and bureaucrats, the Church maintains a strong physical presence in all of the human nations of the Eastern Kingdoms in order to ensure that the orthodoxy of chuch doctrine is rigidly enforced.

The current leader of the Church clergy is Archbishop Alonsus II. Currently the Church is based out of the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City where Church leaders and parishioners often gather for worship.