The Argent Crusade
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Highlord Tirion Fordring

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The Argent Crusade is an order of holy warriors formed from the union of the Reformed Order of the Silver Hand and the Argent Dawn. Led by the paladin Tirion Fordring, the Argent Crusade was a major contributor to the successful campaign in Northrend that toppled the Lich King. As of the Great Cataclysm, they currently work to restore the Plaguelands of northern Lordaeron.

History[edit | edit source]

The Argent Crusade was formed shortly after the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, when Tirion Fordring, leader of the reformed Silver Hand reclaimed, and evidently purified the Ashbringer during a confrontation with the Lich King. He assumed a leadership position over the Argent Dawn and united the two factions in order to take the fight against the Lich King to Northrend.

Cataclysm[edit | edit source]

Since the Cataclysm, the Argent Crusade has strengthened its presence in the Plaguelands, claiming not only outposts formerly held by the now-defunct Argent Dawn, such as Light's Hope Chapel, but also the former Scarlet Crusade towns of Hearthglen and Tyr's Hand, but also the four towers through the Eastern Plaguelands; around which the plague has receded. They have also joined forces with the Cenarion Circle to help heal the Plaguelands from its plagued state.

Prominent Figures[edit | edit source]

Highlord Tirion Fordring:[edit | edit source]

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Starting as a Paladin of the Silver Hand, Tirion was stripped of his title for aiding the orc Eitrigg and driven into exile. Years later, Tirion reemerged as the leader of one of the most powerful neutral organizations in the world. He currently leads the Argent Crusade in their work to restoring the Plaguelands to their now lost beauty from the city of Hearthglen.

Commander Eligor Dawnbringer:[edit | edit source]

Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer.jpg

Dawnbringer is, presumably, the leader of the subfaction within the Argent Crusade known as the Brotherhood of the Light. He, like many within the Crusade, were present during the War in Northrend and from Wintergarde Keep he led forces of the Brotherhood, Crusade and those he could enlist in attacking the floating necropolis of Naxxramas and the nearby fortifactions of the Scarlet Onslaught

Lord Maxwell Tyrosus:[edit | edit source]

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Lord Tyrosus is one of the main leaders within the Argent Crusade, he is, presumably, in overall command of all units acting within the region known as the "Eastern Plaguelands." He was present at the Siege of the Sanguine and later at the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel where he witnessed the Argent Dawn's transformation to the Argent Crusade.

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